The Border: a Source of Innovation

November, 4 to 7, 2014

The Border: a Source of Innovation - November, 4 to 7, 2014

The Border : a source of innovation

BRIT XIV Belgium-France

14th international conference BRIT (Border Regions In Transition)

The border, a source of innovation.

La frontière, source d’innovation

36 sessions, more than 170 papers, participants coming from more than 30 countries, a fieldtrip “from the World War I to the crossborder cooperation”, three cultural exhibitions, a cooperation with the MOT, the CNG, the Katholiek Universiteit van Leuven campus Kortrijk, various partnerships, …

BRIT XIV has been an impressive event for any researcher or practitioner dealing with issues on borders. More details on BRIT and BRITXIV is given here. and look at “field trip” and “program”

This is the Brit XIV poster; please, print it and diffuse it: icone-pdf

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Program and sessions

A detailed program is described in the subtitle “Program” and the last version is given here

All the details for the sessions and the communications are given here

Abstracts and Communications are available in the subtitle “Papers”

Agenda and places

November 4, 2014 : Arras (France)

November 5, 2014 : field day from France to Belgium

November 6, 2014 : Lille (France)

November 7, 2014 : Mons (Belgium)

In partnership with the Association for Borderlands Studies and

the Journal of Borderlands Studies


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